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Comments from Attorneys

Praise from attorneys Lee has worked with:

"Lee Archer is a lawyer's lawyer." Randy Maniloff, Attorney and Publisher, Coverage Opinions.

"If you have need of any assistance on any appeals, research, or writing, I would like to recommend to you a "star" in that area. Lee Archer, who was an associate at Barham & Churchill, and worked with Peggy, Liz and I, and then later worked for Mack and I at Barham & Arceneaux, is extremely talented." " Robert E. Arceneaux, New Orleans, LA.

"Your legal writing is brilliant; I have worked with great Louisiana legal scholars and your work is equal to theirs. " Albert E. Loomis, III, Monroe, LA.

"We have been using one of your Writ Applications to hand out to attorneys requesting samples." John T. Olivier, Clerk, Louisiana Supreme Court.

"The brief you prepared in the captioned case was nothing short of splendid. I will file same with the Court of Appeal immediately. Thank you for the excellent work." "You are the smartest attorney we know!"Warren D. Rush, Rush, Rush and Calogero, Lafayette, LA.

"I've worked with Lee and can only say that she is brilliant and her briefs are truly something special." Scott Webre, Webre and Associates, Lafayette, Louisiana.

"Lee is one of those rare people who has mastered language and style so effectively that she could teach even the most complex legal concepts to any layperson. Lee and I worked together on the Covington vs. McNeese case, a major civil rights case which received substantial attention as it was being appealed to the Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeals and the Louisiana Supreme Court. I requested Lee's help because she has a reputation for being one of the best appellate writers anywhere. I've since learned that Lee is also an expert at procedure and a master at legal research. Lee's familiarity with the appellate process and her tireless dedication helped to turn the tide in our case, and I directly credit our success to her work. Because of Lee's efforts, a new precedent has been set in Louisiana which will benefit the State's disabled students for generations. Aside from her professional accomplishments, Lee is a good person who is passionate about helping others. Long after this case is over, I will consider her a friend." Seth Hopkins, Raley & Bowick, Houston, TX

"Lee is the single best brief writer I have EVER used, including every genius I was on Law Review with -- she runs circles around them. I could not more highly recommend a more competent, thorough and professional lawyer. Not to mention a wonderful temperament." Partner, Houston TX Law Firm, Louisiana SuperLawyer, National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys Top 10 Under 40; National Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40.

"Lee looks at the cold, hard record just like the court of appeal and writes an ironclad, ready-to-sign brief that gives my client the absolute best opportunity to succeed. She dedicates time and appellate know-how that I cannot come close to matching. She has helped me hold on to great verdicts and reverse bad ones over the last 18 years. She is my secret weapon!" Partner, Baton Rouge, LA Law Firm

"Exquisite work! You are simply brilliant! It's for a good cause too which makes it even better." Attorney, New Orleans, LA.

"We all agreed that this is the best Louisiana Supreme Court Writ Application we have ever seen." Partner, Large Firm, New Orleans, LA.

"Great work! You really made me look good. " Attorney, New Orleans, LA.

"The Judge complimented us on our brief at the argument. Thank you again. " Attorney, Lafayette, LA.

"I was most pleased with your brief. You didn't miss a point and, as I expected, your eloquent style was most persuasive." Attorney, Lake Charles, LA.

"Great job as usual! Defendants sound like they want to pay everything if we drop the appeal!" Attorney, Metairie, LA.

"Thank you for writing such a wonderful brief for me. I was amazed at the depth of your grasp of my case... You laid out the case in a painstakingly, surgeon-like manner, leaving little, if any room for rebuttal..." Client, New Orleans LA.

"FYI- Victory is sealed! Thanks again." Attorney, Metairie, LA

"We appreciate very much your very fine work in responding to [defendant's] Motion for Summary Judgment. We recognize that we have an uphill battle but you have certainly at least given us a chance. Please send us your bill as soon as possible so we may get it paid. As always, we certainly appreciate your very fine work." Attorney, New Orleans, LA

"Thank you for your exceptional good work. Your research and extremely practical suggestions have given my client and me significantly more comfort regarding the issue... I look forward to working with you again in the future." Attorney, New Orleans, LA

"Thanks again for your help. The memo was great!" Attorney, New Orleans, LA

"I received your memorandum and suffice to say, I was very pleased at your conclusions. I must add the fact that even if the conclusions had been adverse, your thoroughness and style did impress me. I will keep you posted and hopefully the judge will be as impressed with your work as I am. I look forward to working with you in the future." Attorney, Lake Charles, LA

Lee has the "ability to quickly synthesize vast amounts of material and move expeditiously to a quality finished product... excellent writing skills." She provides "thoroughly researched and extremely well written work product."

"I am in receipt of and thank you for your brief in the captioned which is excellent as usual. Yes, we want you to file a reply brief."

"Thank you for a job well done! I love your writing style. "

"I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to the Appellate Practice Committee's program on developing and keeping a successful appellate practice. Your instructive article and comments about a profitable solo practice were timely and very helpful. Lawyers in firm settings also will benefit from your discussion of computerized research using on-line services and CD-Rom sources. Thank you for the time and effort you devoted to this project." Attorney, American Bar Association.

Inspiring and supportive words by the Louisiana Court of Appeal in its 2012 opinion in Covington v. McNeese for our litigation and appellate team:

Our courts must always remain mindful that there are a limited number of attorneys willing to bear the personal cost and sacrifices inherent in most civil rights litigation. We cannot underestimate the chilling effect this type of militant and pernicious behavior heaped upon Plaintiff and her counsel for ten years, and even now on appeal, has upon other attorneys, young and old, as well as potential plaintiffs. It is the court's duty to likewise send a message to the bar, experienced as well as eager young lawyers, that they may rely upon the precepts of law as well as fundamental fairness and fair-play, to protect and safeguard them against the personal and financial costs of truly devoted representation of their clients. These attorneys' representation spanned a decade of hard work and sacrifice in the face of obstinate resistance to laws guaranteeing basic human and civil rights and public attacks on their character and worth. To do anything less is a disservice to the citizens which these laws are designed to protect and to the gallant attorneys willing to make years of personal sacrifice in the cause of justice.

Covington v. McNeese State University, 2011-1077 (La. App. 3 Cir. 9/5/12)

New! Sample Louisiana and Fifth Circuit Appellate Briefs, Writ Applications and Practice Forms

After numerous requests, Lee now offers sample Fifth Circuit and Louisiana appellate briefs, writ applications, practice forms and checklists, which you may print out and use in your practice. Please click the following link to visit the Sample Louisiana Appellate Briefs and Writ Applications page.

Lee A. Archer, Appellate Attorney